About Me


My Name is Jenny Ann Holden

I am named after my maternal great grandmother and my paternal grandmother. I come from a linage of strong, independent and powerful women. My bones carry their thrival stories, my memory conjures their edge pushing moments. I am their story-weaver. I am their hunger, renewed.

I am a storyteller based in the Pacific North West, the third generation of wild women to wander the mountains, forests, and river banks of Vancouver Island. I began this journey long before birth. But it was the experiences that began in 2015, when my beloved grandmother asked me to be her voice. Shortly after she passed away, while deeply grieving her loss,  I experienced a series of traumatic events that helped to set me on this path.

While trauma opened up many door ways within me for pain and darkness to emerge, I have discovered inner resources and sources of intuitive and instinctual knowing that has catalyzed my creative storytelling to new heights. I have a graduate degree in public policy and a background in non-profit management and fundraising. At the age of 30 I decided to leave that path to pursue therputic art.