Jenny Ann Stories
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Jenny Ann Stories
Storytelling Photography to heal and enliven the Wild Soul

Fine Art Photographer specializing in therapeutic, nature immersion experiences that heals and enlivens the wild soul/psyche 

Within each of us is an ancestral story.

This story is buried in our DNA and subconscious mind and contains coded information of who we are, what we have inherited and what we are meant for.

During times of struggle or trauma, transformation or stagnation, we have the power to tap into this story.

By doing so, we are able to transform our lives to be in alignment with our purpose, our desires, our greatest hopes.

But we are not taught the value of story let alone how to access our stories, especially the ones in which trauma and hardship are involved.

Instead, we go through life subconsciously living a limited version of our full story, which can lead to emotional difficulty.

In a world where so many people suffer in silence, we need to learn the tools of creative courage, radical acceptance, and true belonging.

We need to create spaces to tell our stories. 

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I have never met an individual so professional, so motivated, so clear on her vision, and so humbly talented. Her skill is all-encompassing. When I saw some of her work, I was shocked at how far I saw myself let go into the movement.
— Rita Sheena
Working with Jen was an adventure into the senses. She captures the wild, raw & beautiful with her skilled eye and creative brilliance. Her passion for cutting-edge art highlighted my session with her. My inner wild woman felt very comfortable in front of her lens.
— Christy Greenwood, Rewilding From Within