About Series

The mind/body relationship drifts between stasis and homostatis. The  ability of an internal living system or environment to maintain a state of dynamic constancy-  is the milieu intérieur- which the French physiologist Claude Bernard defined as “the requirement for a free and independent life.” The intrinsic excitability of the psyche leads to mental adaptations. It are these adaptations that frame our being-ness and how we decided to embody the edge of our inner/outer territory.

This series is rooted in the somatic experiencing  of the instinct to be seen/known, to emerge from the protective landscape of the mind, while at the same time baring the constant fear that as women, we are not deserving. Resilience, the ability to grow and evolve (homeostasis) through trauma, uproots contradictions of the psyche, presenting doorways for the mind/body to work together to process complexity and find psycho-emotional balance.