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Sacred wilding Sessions

The doors to the world of Wild Woman are few but precious. If you have a deep wound, that is a door, if you have a recurring story, that is a door. If you love the beauty of the world so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes

An intimate encounter with the wild woman within, and around you. As your guide, I will draw your attention to mythological doorways for you to walk through together. This 1-3 hour immersive experience is grounded in a deep care and passion for your emotional wellbeing, and the story your soul hungers to tell. Sacred Wilding photosessions support you in identifying and pushing past fear, trauma, stuck patterns- it is about dancing in the shade and shadows when conscious and subconscious realms meet. 



Sacred wilding Services


Customizable sacred wilding services

I come to photography after nearly a decade dedicated to academic studies and professional development in the non-profit and community building sectors. The first decade of my working life was spent developing customer service competencies working at small, family operated businesses. Sacred Wilding Services is a unique combination of all my years of knowledge, experience, and skill building through trail and error and critical self reflection. 

I work with female entrepreneurs, at any stage of their business development. I guide them into an inner landscape, a place just for themselves. Once here, I help them touch the wild edges of their deepest rooted sources of inspiration. From Sacred Wilding Sessions to coaching calls to a full range of branding services, I will work with you to develop a realistic and attainable strategy that works for your business goals. 

Sacred wilding workshops

When women gather for the purpose of fanning each others creative flames, magic happens! Out of this world magic. Pee a little in your pants a little magic from laughing to hard magic. Wild Woman Stories came to me after about three months of attending monthly moon temples at a local yoga studio. Meditation, movement, brave honesty and openness, the rawness of a lionesses roar- these things stirred something deep within me.   

More than anything, this vision came to reality because of sisterhood. There is a profound collective healing that takes place when woman gather, when they share from a place of deep care. Retreat offerings run in an annual cycle and will be launched in late January, 2018. Join newsletter to receive exclusive early booking deals.